The Liebster Award – A Mission (Not So Impossible) Worth Taking

So, my awesome friend and soon-to-be-published writer, Mia Sandara honored me with The Liebster Award (should I choose to accept it) and challenged me to the following:

“So here’s how the Liebster Award works, you take it, or you leave it. And it’s one of those random number games where I answer questions, I ask questions, and I link to other newcomers. (Under 200 blog followers.) Basically, it’s all about getting to know each other in a Pay-It-Forward, Love Your Neighbor sort of way. I’m starting to feel the mushiness already. Everyone say AW! (You didn’t say aw with me, did you? ….Your loss.) Oh I am in rare form today folks!!! And here we go :)”

(You’ve gotta love Mia – you really do! If you don’t love Mia, well then your life is a shadow of what it can be and you have my sympathies!) 😦

—> This is Mia!!! Go, shoo, you must experience her awesomesauciness:

Here is the set of questions, along with my answers. I’ll be building upon this by coming up with my own set to nominate others with, but for now…

Q. If you met a genie, what would be your three wishes?
A. I know that the rules of Genies, Inc. forbid me from asking for three more wishes, so…
– Trying not to sound like the dizzy chick answering an interview question, I could really go for… World peace! (Which, I’m hoping/assuming would take care of world hunger, violence, homelessness, and all stray cats, dogs, etc. so… BAM!)
– Next I would want all of the creative writers, singers, actors, etc. in my life to become WILDLY successful so that I could enjoy the fruits of their labor (not the money, but their books, songs, shows…).
– Finally, I would wish for a billion tax-free, no strings attached dollars. I know “they” say that money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure can’t hurt (especially if I used it to help accomplish my #2 wish – among other things).

Q. What’s the best joke you’ve ever been told?
A. I am gullible to a fault, so people looove to bait me with jokes! (And I’m really bad at telling them.)
– This joke took me two full days to finally “get” – I woke up at 2 a.m. laughing because I FINALLY got it… “A bear asked a rabbit if poo gets stuck to his fur when he goes to the bathroom. The rabbit said, “No.” So the bear picked the rabbit up and wiped his rump with it.”
(Hey, that took a lot of humility to admit, so keep quiet up there in the peanut gallery!) Does anyone know what, “The peanut gallery is?” Hmmm.. We’ll actually hit idioms in a minute.

Q. Television show that let’s you escape no matter how many times you watch it. (Movie works too.)
A. Anything but “Reality TV.” Whoever thought of that should be flogged on Reality TV (which I wouldn’t be watching).
– Currently I like Once Upon A Time, Black List, & NCIS. I’ve escaped into many shows only to have the producers wimp out due to ratings, changing the original concept, which makes me stop watching. A few exceptions have been The Gilmore Girls, Chuck, & White Collar (that I can think of – I’m sure there are more).
– I’ve had people literally gasp when I tell them that I do not subscribe to a cable or satellite TV service. (Yep, I heard that “Gasp!”) Out of hundreds of dollars, shows, & channels, there’s almost never anything on that I want to watch, so why bother? I have a digital antennae that picks up on all the major networks and PBS. I pay the $9/month for Netflix; I also have an Apple TV device that gives me access to a bunch of things and that’s enough for me.
– Movie? Well, like books, almost all movies take me away. I’m not fond of war movies (unless they were made for historical purposes and even then it’s not a great way for me to escape) but I have a HUGE library of movies in almost all genres (mostly rated PG-13 and under) that fit the bill.

Q. How many WIP’s do you have?
A. Well considering I had to look that up on the internet, I almost said, “I don’t own any w(h)ips.”
– Now that I know that a WIP is a Work In Progress? I can only say, DANG! Like thousands? I am personally a Work In Progress so – yeah.

Q. If you had to choose one book to read for the rest of your life, which would it be?
A. * crickets chirping *
– If the next question is going to be what my favorite song or star in the sky is there’s going to be a lot of silence here.
– Since the first book of fiction that I remember my favorite person ever (my deceased Dad) reading to me was “The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis I guess I’d go with that because the message and the nostalgia would hold me together.

Q. How old were you when you knew that you wanted to be a writer?

A. In utero!
– I read for myself when I was 3. Wrote my first poem at 4. Taught myself how to read music and play the piano by 5 and had my first poem published at 13, so it wasn’t a great epiphany to me that I wanted to write, it was more like breathing – an involuntary yet necessary part of life.

Q. Why do you write?
A. See above.
– Actually I write for several reasons. I journal to work out my thoughts on paper (God knows I can’t figure life out all alone in my head)!
– I write as a creative outlet.
– I write because I’ve learned that what moves me might just move someone else (and usually a friend is born)! “Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: “What! You too?” C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

Q. What is the most exotic/grooviest (yeah, I just said groovy, you’re over it) place you’ve ever been?
A. Well, the most exotic place I’ve ever been is Hawaii; it’s sort of THE U.S. version of exotic places. Wish I could say Singapore, but I can’t. (I’ve been to The Caribbean, but for some reason that doesn’t fit my personal definition of exotic!?!)
– Groovy? Hmmmm… I’ve traveled quite a bit, and while I’ve been to Woodstock, NY; it wasn’t for a concert so it wasn’t very groovy at the time.
– How about a vacation destination that is a bit – unusual… I’ve visited Poland twice. The post-communist country is a palpable contradiction: There’s the 60+ generation that is still living in black & white – literally. The younger crowd is splashing their color, music, & style all around and they grab anyone that speaks English to “practice” with – they are very curious about our colloquialisms. They want to know when to use them and why. (Good grief! I know the when, but the why? For crying out loud! I don’t know why we say such things – oh brother!) 😉
– Funny aside, visiting the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps is no trip to Disneyland! I didn’t make it through, I saw plenty and stopped short of the “death chambers.”
– Switching gears, Warsaw & Krakow are very cool cities filled with outdoor cafes, parks, and cultural diversity!
– No, Poland has not hired me as a spokesperson for tourism, but I do highly recommend it.

Q. What’s your writing pick me up? Do you have a certain food or drink or dance move that gets you in the zone and ready to go? (Singing at the top of your lungs is perfectly acceptable.)
A. Well, at this exact moment I’m listening to random indie music of varying genres.
– When I’m writing a song? I get VERY quiet, drink hot tea, and get into my head (I can’t continue without you knowing that I have a form of Synesthesia that makes this process very – unique.) For more info see my blog:

Q. What gets you fired up? (To be interpreted as you wish?)
A. Oh gosh, I’m rarely fired up angry.
– I guess I’ll just say that, yeah, I’m one of those crazy #12’s from Seattle & try SUPER hard not to chat my head off on Twitter during the football season. I really do have other interests, but if you follow me on Twitter you might question that.
– I love to encourage and inspire people. I always have my pom-poms ready to cheer someone on – THAT gets me fired up – in a really great way!

Q. If you were to try to make it rain, what would be your go to chant?
A. Oh Mia – lol.
– Ok, I know being a musician I should have some cool Gregorian chant to pull out of my pocket, but I’m pretty sure it would be something more along the lines of my personal favorite: The Minions


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