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Ok, I’ll admit to being a sucker for love songs & I promise the next one will be different. A friend sent me on a blast from the past to a GREAT ROCKING love song!! So, here you go!!!



Midnight & If Only by Ships Have Sailed

Ships Have Sailed are a band from my native Los Angeles, CA Their EPs Someday & Moodswings can be found on iTunes! Find them on Reverb Nation, on Twitter @ShipsHaveSailed & at Here’s Midnight:

Now that Moodswings is available, I HAVE to share If Only with you:

What Will does with his voice in this song is NOT easy! To pull that emotional “grind” out that you’ll hear & to continue singing without having a cough-attack is super hard!! (I guess it’s a “Musician thing” but I wanted to point it out!!) 👏👏👏