Levity – Misquote Memes

We all know that people (living or not) are often misquoted or that quotes are often wildly misinterpretationallycredited (I think I just made that word up – Webster’s take notice)!

My fellow blogger Erin: http://ejbwritingstudio.com/2015/02/12/truth-is-its-own-reward-the-stephen-king-attribution-error/ pointed that out to me today and got my – silly, really want to procrastinate – side going! Then Keith @kilbourneknight (awesome writer extrodinarre & fellow procrastinator – go say hi) fueled my feathebrained fire, and off I go!

So, for kicks & giggles….


Why therapy takes so long!
Why therapy takes so long!
Uh, neither!!
Uh, neither!!
Hot mess
Poor Abe!!
Poor Abe! A war might have been averted! Free everyone – signed & sent. Done!

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